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The History of Capitol Air

This article reviews the 38-year history of Capitol Air. It traces its origins, details its fleet, illustrates its transition from a charter to a scheduled airline, and discusses its demise in 1984.

On The Verge Of An Economic Stimulus?

The sheer audacity of so many republicans in times of crisis proves once again the unwillingness of Congress to uphold the majority of the publics will. You could arguably say that today’s Congress is synonymous with a large group of Baboons of which I’d bet the baboons have allot more sympathy toward their kind than our Congress has toward the American people. Without a doubt for the past 35 years Congress’s only vested interest is a perpetual hold on power over the American public.

3 Ways To Refuse To Take Criticisms Personal And Reduce Daily Anxiety

What happens to you when you get criticized? Emotionally, you may feel bad and get anxious and stressed out. When I am criticized, I begin to feel that all the other person sees are my mistakes and struggles. My sense of emotional balance gets disrupted and I begin to wonder about my abilities and values. I get nervous and anxious and doubt my ability to make take action and be successful. The more doubt and anxiety, I generate, the more conflict, I generate in my relationships. This used to be my pattern with criticism till I realized that I was taking criticisms personal. Do you what happened? I stopped taking criticisms personal and my anxiety level decreased while I began to achieve more consistent success in my relationships and endeavors. I and loving it and sharing it! Here are a few ways and strategies you can use to stop taking criticisms personal!

Can I Still Be Healed?

You can still be healed! Yes, there can still be solution to that problem! Though it is human and natural to want to give up on a situation after putting in everything to solve it, yet, we must also recognize that there is a supernatural power that can turn our impossibilities into possibility and our difficulties into testimonies. As I write, there are people that have given up and are just waiting for the last whistle. They have tried everything, made every effort, spent all their resources and goodwill, prayers, etc, but the situation has just refused to change. They are just spent and tired.

What’s Happened to the Basis of U.S. Federalism, the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights?

The immovable substrate or foundation of U.S. Constitutional federalism, or the basis for the separation of federal and State powers, is not an ambiguous matter that involves convoluted legal explanations and opinions by long-winded and pompous judicial activist justices on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), but, rather, a very simple grouping of words comprising the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. This Amendment clearly states that, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Consequently, the powers granted by the Constitution to the federal government are explicitly contained in the original text of the U.S. Constitution. This means that no other federal powers may be added except specifically, and not implicitly, by the amendment process. These basic federal powers are contained in Article 1, Section 8, Article 2, and Article 3 detailing the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial powers. All other powers, matters, and issues are reserved to the States. What exactly comprises these reserved powers, and why are these powers being usurped by the federal government. Read on for an explication of these issues.

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