Bluehost vs Siteground – Which is Actually The Best Web Host?

Let’s compare Bluehost vs Siteground. Which web host is the best between the two and which company should you buy a hosting package from? It depends on what your needs are, but here is my professional advice. 🔔 Subscribe –

In general, I like Bluehost more for starter websites. Siteground is good if you have an established website and can justify the cost. But for just starting out, Siteground after the introduction period is just to expensive. So what are your thoughts?


► Bluehost is my recommended starter host. Ideal for anyone looking to create a WordPress website and blog that can become a profitable asset.

► WPX Hosting is my current web host. They provide the same quality of speed and support that Siteground does, but without the cost. Unlike Siteground however, they don’t do the whole low intro rate. They are a proper, expensive host for established websites.


00:00 Intro
00:40 Price
03:03 Performance
04:17 Support
06:35 Affiliate Program
07:50 Final Thoughts
09:31 Conclusion


► My helpful Bluehost review video, check it out:

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