Como era usar a Internet nos anos 90? #Shorts

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5 Reasons, Me – Too, May Have Gone, Too Far!

Although, there is little doubt, every individual, should have the right, to expect, fair treatment, and a work atmosphere, without harassment, many believe/ feel, the recent, so – called, Me – Too, movement, has gone, too – far, at times! The reality, often, is, what one, feels, is harassment, someone else, may not! Although, I don’t know, many individuals, who support, harassing behavior, and, especially, sexual abuse/ misconduct, etc, I believe, we have also, at – times, taken someone’s word, and publicized it, without, providing, the accused individual, with due process, and the right, to defend himself, without pre -…

Inner Darkness: Can Someone Run Away From Their Own Inner Darkness?

It has been said that planet earth is the plane of duality and this can be noticed by the fact that there are usually two parts to everything. For example, there is hot and cold, up and down, and fast and slow.

When It’s Time to Return to Work

Many of us have seen first hand how quickly our children have become disenchanted with getting up and dressed for school each day, how demotivated they’ve become about learning and education. So, if you’re a business owner how are you going to re-engage your workforce, now that it’s time to return to work?

What Needs to Happen for Women to Feel Safe?

A recent survey by UN Women published the week beginning 8 March 2021 has revealed that 97% of women aged from 18-24 in the UK have been sexually harassed in public places. It’s a harrowing statistic which begs the question, what needs to happen for women to feel safe?

Top 3 Advantages of a Quality Automatic Screw Locking Machine

With the passage of time, we have experienced continuous economic growth and development. We have seen a lot of innovations and changes in our life, especially in production centers. As far as technology and production are concerned, we now have machines that work much faster.

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