Fractured Search Intent: Understanding Mixed SERPs

In this video, you’ll learn what fractured search intent is and how to understand and interpret mixed SERPs.

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Search intent represents the reason behind a searcher’s query. It’s typically defined by looking at the top ranking pages for a target query.

But sometimes the query has multiple meanings and the search results get mixed and unclear. The search intent for these queries is called fractured or mixed intent.

Search engines are usually pretty good at treating results for these queries. But sometimes it’s not that easy to tell one search intent from the other. And if you cannot handle fractured intent and match one of them, you’re not going to rank high.

To make the right decision about the query’s intent, we need to dive deeper into the types of search intent. They can be categorized in 4 buckets:

– informational
– navigational
– commercial investigation
– transactional

Watch the video to learn more about them.

The main issue with these buckets is that SERPs often can’t be categorized in only one of them. A single SERP can even show pages that serve all four intents.

To get a better idea of a dominant intent, you need to see the full picture. There are three main things you need to include in your analysis.

First is the organic blue link search results. Check the top pages and look for the intent they’re trying to serve.

How can you do this properly? Watch the video to learn more.

The next thing you should look at are SERP features. Those are anything that appears in Google’s search results besides the blue-link pages, e.g. ads, local packs, knowledge panels, people also ask, and more.

Want to know how SERP features help provide a clearer picture of how Google serves user intent? Watch the video.

The next thing to analyse is SERP stability vs. volatility. It can help us tell if the search intent is clear or unclear and also assume if it’s hard to rank.

Watch the video to learn more about this.


0:00 Intro
1:51 Four types of search intent
4:45 Analyze organic blue link search results
6:45 Check SERP features
8:32 Analyze SERP stability vs. volatility

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