How to Host Multiple Websites With Your Hosting Plan | Hostinger | hPanel

Hosting multiple websites using the same hosting plan is completely possible. At Hostinger you can add multiple websites through hPanel and in this video tutorial you’ll learn how it’s done.

If you’re using Hostinger as your web hosting provider you’ll be able to add another website by going to your hPanel and selecting add new website. This way you can host multiple websites or even multiple WordPress websites. All you have to do is add your domain name and set a password, later on you’ll use this password to access your FTP and SSH accounts.

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🕒 Timestamps
00:00 – Adding Another Website
00:50 – Access hPanel of a Newly Added Website

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🟪 Host Multiple Websites using Shared Web Hosting at Hostinger

If you’ll choose a Single Shared Hosting plan you’ll not be able to host multiple websites but if you will choose Premium Shared Hosting or Business shared hosting you’ll be able to host up to 100 websites.

🟪 Host Multiple WordPress Websites using WordPress Hosting Plan

WordPress Starter – Up to 100 websites
Business WordPress – Up to 100 websites
WordPress Pro – Up to 300 websites

🟪 Hosting Multiple Websites Using Cloud hosting

With all cloud hosting plans at Hostinger you’ll be able to host up to 300 websites. The process of adding a domain to cloud web hosting is identical as adding it to shared web hosting.

If you’re using another hosting provider that uses cPanel then you’ll be able to add multiple websites by selecting the “Addon domains” or “Domains” option. If you’ll choose the “Domains” option then you’ll be able to add your website by selecting “Create a New Domain”, just add your website and don’t forget to uncheck option “Share Document Root”, this way your website will have it’s own folder.

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