How to Integrate Email with Leadpages

You’ve created an awesome landing page on Leadpages, but it won’t save? You need to set up your Leadpages integration with your email service provider first. And depending on whether you are using the Leadpages standard or drag and drop builders, the integration locations will be different.

The trick is, there are actually two different places to set up an integration. One is in integrations, one is in the opt in form itself. The first is only set up once. The other integration has to be done for every landing page or leadbox that you create. After all, your landing page and opt in form need to add people to the right list on your email service provider, right? It’s all taken care of with integrations. It’s not hard, it just takes knowing where to set the integrations up.

Sound confusing, no worries because i this week’s tech tip, Tracie will walk you through the whole process. She will show you how to set up all of the necessary integrations in Leadpages and what to do if you can’t find the right form to integrate.

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