How to Make Money on YouTube Without Showing Your Face (2022 Strategy)

Do you want to make money on YouTube without showing your face? Today I will show you faceless video ideas, and exactly how to make these faceless videos, and how monetize them on YouTube.

Everyone seems to be looking for faceless channel ideas, because as a beginner it’s really daunting to have to reveal your face to the world. Well – don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! You don’t need to show your face, and you can still be successful on YouTube.

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So… You’re here because you want to make money on Youtube without showing face. That’s cool – you’re not alone, tons of people want to do the same.

Good news – there are thousands of successful faceless YouTube channels that are making some serious money on YouTube right now, and you can join their rank.

In today’s video, I will show you how to find some great faceless YouTube niches and ideas for your videos where you don’t have to show your face.

Then, I will show you a cool software that will let you create these faceless videos – you just need to record the script. And I’m showing you how to research and create the script, as well.

Lastly, I will be showing you how to optimize your video so that it has a good chance of ranking and attracting views.

Remember – success on YouTube takes time. You need to make at least 20-30 of these videos before you can expect to see any sort of traction. So be patient, and success will come. We all started from Zero subscribers. You can do it, I know, because I was the same.

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