How to Optimize WordPress for Best Speed and Performance | Webinar

In this webinar, Hristo Pandjarov, WordPress Initiatives Мanager at SiteGround, will give you practical tips on how to make your website run faster by analyzing your WordPress website performance and then configuring it properly by taking maximum advantage of your host server’s settings and resources and unique WordPress features. Some of the main topics we will cover in the webinar are:

✅ How to analyze your website for speed and performance;
✅ What performance tools SiteGround provides for you and how to use them to the best of your advantage;
✅ How to set your system right – PHP version, SSL certificate, etc.;
✅ How to properly configure WordPress;
✅ How to take care of your images, using next-generation formats like WebP, lazy loading, and more;
✅ Improve the front-end of your website and optimize its output – minification, script combination, proper font loading, etc.;
✅ Different forms of caching and how to best use them;
✅ Whether or not you should use a CDN service to distribute your content globally, and more!


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