Ką daryti, kad idėjos versle pasiteisintų? | UAB “Lonas” istorija

UAB „Lonas“ vadovas Domas Jakutis dalinasi 26-erius metus augančio šeimos verslo subtilybėmis, patyrimais bei patarimais naujiems verslams.

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The Fire

When I refer to “the fire” in my title, I am talking about the spark of inspiration in reality that fans into a flame of energy that works to genuinely get things done, not a literal fire burning down things or cooking food. Also, “the fire” refers to what gets us going in our lives.

How International Payment Processing Services Can Help You Expand Your Business

What is the most transformative invention in world history? There are a lot of possibilities. Is it the light bulb? Perhaps the printing press? Or maybe it’s Eli Whitney’s cotton gin. They all rank up there among the very best of them all, but equally as strong a case can be made for the internet. The worldwide web has revolutionized business processes around the globe. That’s because, in addition to advertising to potential clientele half a world away, business owners like yourself can seamlessly accept online payments from them.

Can Noosa Heads Be a Working Man’s Holiday Paradise?

Noosa Heads is not usually regarded as a working man’s holiday destination. Accommodation along the beachfront off Hasting Street is the preserve of the wealthy. However there are many activities that the “not well to do” can indulge it without costing them a “penny”. Our author has visited Noosa Heads many times over the past 50 years. He explains how the average person can experience the joys of visiting this unique place without “costing them the earth”.

How To Earn Money From Podcasting During COVID

This COVID-10 Pandemic has shut down many businesses. There are people all over the world suffering right now. Many are turning to online sources to learn new things. New skill sets that will help them to survive and thrive in this time. Podcasting is now growing faster than any other communication medium right now. If you want to have a way to impact others and possibly benefit yourself and your family, starting a podcast right now may be for you.

Are Animals Healers? The Healing Power of A Cat’s Purr

Don’t underestimate your kitty. There’s much more to a cat’s purr than just pleasure for them and for you… it’s their healing superpower!

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