leadpages tutorial – funnel franchise landing pages on your domain

leadpages tutorial – funnel franchise landing pages on your domain. Funnel Franchise just got better! Register for free here: http://ctmlinx.com/ffreg/ytlp.

Funnel Franchise provides Leadpages templates to set up your internet marketing funnel that promotes 10 income different streams – many of them with recurring payments.

Whilst many will be happy to publish these webpages just on their Leadpages subdomain – others may prefer to publish on an existing domain that they own.

The great thing with leadpages dynamic html is that is easily possible providing you know your way around your hosting cpanel.

You do not not even have to create a custom domain to do it.

The important word is Dynamic HTML – which means that anything you edit in Leadpages is immediately available on your domain once you have carried out the installation.

In this video I cover:
1) Downloading Leadpages Dynamic HTML files
2) Creating folders in Cpanel and uploading the files to them
3) Renaming the files
4) Reconfiguring the opt-in page to ‘talk’ with the new thank you page location

The improvements in Funnel Franchise include new integrations and templates for Leadpages and The Conversion Pros pagebuilders.

The templates and training are first class – I recommend you register for free and take a look: http://ctmlinx.com/ffreg/ytlp

If you want more detailed information about the Funnel Franchise System then:
Subscribe to my channel and watch the other videos in my Funnel Franchise playlist.

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