SSD VPS Hosting vs. Cloud VPS Hosting

“With SSD VPS Hosting you avail SSD storage along with your VPS Hosting plan. In this, the VPS uses virtualization to offer a hosting space with its own set of resources, on a physical server. Whereas with Cloud VPS Hosting, virtual isolation is achieved on a cloud setup as easily as on a physical machine. In this video, the difference between SSD VPS Hosting and Cloud VPS Hosting is made clear.

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How Do You Feel About This Christmas This Year?

Are you looking forward to Christmas this year? No-one has been untouched by the global pandemic and many have been affected by serious health, loss or financial considerations. So, the thought of comfortable familiar touches and a home that’s bright and Christmassy offers a definite feel-good factor.

Global Plastic Recycling: Fixing a Broken System

For the first time, plastic was used in the 20th century. Since then, plastic products have become quite common in our routine lives. Plastic is used in numerous products.

When One Lies Often, He Doesn’t Earn The TRUST!

When, even, the President’s Senior Adviser, stated, her boss doesn’t lie, it’s simply, instead of what some consider, facts, he offers, alternative facts, doesn’t that seem, to be dangerous, to the well – being, of our nation, and its citizen? Political fact – checkers proclaim, President Donald Trump, has articulated lies, misleading and/ or false statements, etc, at an unprecedented rate, which has increased, in the past year, or so! The reality is, one of the greatest obstacles, to this President, and his potential ability, to bring us together, for the greater good, is his tendency, to misstate the facts,…

Without FREEDOM, How Can America Be Great?

Don’t you find it, somewhat, confusing, and, perhaps, hypocritical, the same individual, who consistently, uses the slogan, Make America Great Again, seems to have, become, a potential, clear and present danger, to any possibility, because, he selectively, chooses, how he might consider, FREEDOM, liberties, and rights, for – all? When the President, seems, more supportive of his core supporters, than all his constituents, and is willing to equate the activity of peaceful protestors, with the actions of White Supremacists, and refers to the Free Press, as the Enemy of the People, what does that indicate? How can America, be, as great, as…

Do You Trust SCIENCE, Or His Opinion?

Every public health scientist, and expert, states, it is essential to consider, understand, and follow the SCIENCE, and gather, and properly apply, and use, all relevant data, in order to make the wisest decisions, in terms of strategic and action planning! Despite, the fact, President Donald Trump, claims to be a stable – genius, and, seemingly, in nearly, every area of governing, from the military, to financial markets, to the handling of this horrific pandemic, opposes the perspectives, and views, of the experts, even, those, he appointed, especially, when they seem to disagree/ oppose, his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self -…

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