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God’s Seeds

Jesus used the seed as a teaching aid. He talked about the seed as the Word of God and illustrated the types of soils that would receive the seed.

Power Of Gratitude (Saying Thank You)

I have noticed that we live in an entitlement culture for the most part. Niceties and manners are not as common as when I was growing up. Even when you display manners people operating in entitlement tend to look at you strange. God have showed me personally the power of gratitude and how it moves Him. A family member asked for my help and I agreed to help them. Their gratitude and appreciation was so genuine that I just wanted to do even more to help them. Manners and Gratitude have never gone out of style Even God has a standard of what he requires of us concerning our interaction with Him and how we are to operate in general. In Psalms 50:23 God makes it very clear what is required “Psalm 50:23 (New Living Translation) But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me.

Self-Awareness and Your Career

Self-Awareness is a critical skill to have in one’s career. This piece examines self-awareness and its benefits in detail.

5 Questions Leading to the Right Root Cause

Once an area of waste has been identified and a specific problem is identified as the “best” opportunity, the next step often involves finding the root cause of the problem. This is a critically-important step and, if we’re not careful, we can find ourselves working on the “wrong assumptions.”

Analysis of Being

This is an analysis of Being. Being is expounded into external and internal states of being. The external states are Historicity, Temporality, and culture. The internal states are cathartic affirmation and angstual negation.

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